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​How We Get Paid

1.There is no fee for the initial consultation in workers’ compensation or social security disability cases. 

2.There are three ways Workers' Compensation Attorneys get paid:  

I.If your claim is denied and the insurer later accepts your claim, the insurer will pay my fee for the work I did to get your claim accepted. 

II.Once your claim is accepted, if I obtain an increase in your compensation, my fee is between ten and twenty-five percent of the increase I obtained for you. 

III.If your claim is settled, my fee is twenty-five percent of the first $17,500 of the settlement amount, and only 10% of any amount above $17,500. 

3.In social security disability cases, my fee is twenty-five percent of the past-due benefits owed to you. My fee can never be more than $6,000. 

4.COSTS. We don’t charge our clients for opening a file, for small copying tasks done in our office, for postage, or for long distance calls. If a doctor’s office or hospital charges us for your records, we will pay this cost on your behalf. Similarly, if we have to subpoena a witness, we will pay this cost for you. When the case is concluded, you will have to repay those costs. In workers’ compensation claims were we are successful in getting a denied claim accepted, the judge may require the insurer to pay the costs.

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How we get paid

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