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​Before becoming a social security and disability lawyer in Oregon, Jon grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, where he spent his childhood fishing, hunting, and riding horses. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!) IN 1982, and returned to obtain his Law Degree in 1986. He moved to Oregon sight unseen that same year, and has spent all his spare time with his family, his church, fishing, and chasing mule deer and elk all over Eastern Oregon.

 Jon Correll has over twenty-five years of experience representing Oregon injured workers as an Oregon workers compensation lawyer, whether they are the victims of work accidents or suffer from occupational diseases. Jon worked for eight years for what was then Oregon’s largest and most successful workers’ compensation firm. During that time, Jon carried a large client count spread all over the State of Oregon, with heavier concentrations of clients in the Eugene-Springfield area and the Oregon south coast. It was also during this time that Jon developed a down to earth approach to representing his clients that emphasized getting to know them and not just representing them.

Jon left and formed his own firm in 1994. As a result, he was able to carry a lower client count and focus on quality over quantity as an attorney in Eugene. Jon has perfected that approach over the eighteen years since then, an approach that pays dividends each year with satisfied clients who send Christmas cards, hand-tied flies, or even baked goods (more please!) to show their appreciation.

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