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​I. Workers’ Compensation.

1. Denied Claims. Filing an appeal is not enough. As your Oregon workers' compensation lawyer, I will talk to your doctor about the cause of your condition or the need for treatment I am prepared and able to talk to the doctor on his level. His report will be critical to the outcome.

2. Temporary Disability (“TTD”). If there is a problem with your temporary disability, we can request a hearing to correct it. Disputes arise over the correct rate, termination of TTD, failure to pay TTD, or entitlement to a longer period of TTD.

3. Permanent Disability. Again, we can file an appeal. The rules are long and complicated. Your “impairment” is considered but so is whether you can return to your prior job. Permanent total disability is a special category for people who are unable to return to any work. As your social security and disability lawyer in Oregon, I will use my expertise and experience on these cases.

4. Aggravation Claims. If your claim is denied, we can appeal it. An aggravation claim involves a worsened condition. Your doctor says that you are worse and the insurer disagrees. The party that has the best evidence wins..

5. Vocational Assistance. We can appeal for you. The rules are complicated. It would be very hard to navigate them alone. Vocational assistance can be a very valuable benefit. It can provide you with a new career. It can also be converted to a settlement.

6. Claim Settlement. There are many reasons for settlement. Settlement is up to you. Settlements can happen as a result of direct negotiations with the insurer, or a mediator may be involved. My job is to educate you so you can make an informed decision about settlement.

II. Social Security

If your claim is denied, we can appeal. As your Eugene attorneys, we handle every stage of the process of applying for Social Security Disability or SSI. I direct most of my energy to making sure the medical record is complete and then obtaining a very specific report from your doctor that details your limitations. That is why you need an attorney. In some cases I go one step further and obtain a vocational expert’s opinion about your ability to maintain employment. I know vocational experts who are familiar with the disability rules and who can tailor their report to meet the requirements of the rules. Remember, Social Security felt that your case wasn’t good enough. An experienced attorney can help you find the weaknesses in your case and correct them.

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