Social Security Disability & Workers Comp

Jon C. Correll, Attorney

Jon C. Correll, Attorney LLC has been in the business since 1986. He initially started working for a reputable law firm as one of their associates, later becoming a named partner. He then made a decision to leave the firm and establish his own law office and focus on two legal problems that effect the lives of Oregon workers.

Social Security Disability

Jon offers legal services and advice on worker’s compensation claims and Social Security disability cases. He is dedicated, smart and well-experienced in handling these cases. He knows that case preparation is the key. He will make sure your case is prepared and that settlement options have been fully explored. Learn more about how Jon Correll can help you with your Social Security Disability case.

Workers Compensation

Jon C. Correll, Attorney LLC will help you file an appeal in court if your worker’s compensation or social security claims have been denied. Let Jon handle your case and he will review it thoroughly. He will then conference with you tell you what needs to be done. Learn more about how Jon Correll can help you with your Workers Compensation claim.

If you believe that Jon can get you the claims that you deserve, set an appointment. Call (541) 485-8858 or email Jon will be more than happy to assist you with your legal concerns. Jon will aggressively represent you in court so that you can get the claim that is rightfully yours.

Jon Correll, social security disability and workers compensation attorney
Chandra Mendoza
January 26, 2020

Jon was so easy to work with. He took on all the stress. I would recommend him to everybody and anybody who wants to work with a fair, intelligent and caring attorney. Thank you Jon. -The Mendoza Family

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