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Workers Compensation

Has your workers compensation claim been denied? Jon C. Correll, Attorney LLC, has handled countless workers’ compensation cases in his 33 years of experience. If this is your first experience with an Oregon workers’ compensation claim, he can work to make your case better.

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Social Security Disability

If you need someone to help you get those Social Security Disability claims, you have come to the right place.

Apart from worker’s compensation cases, Jon also handles social security cases. As your attorney, Jon handles every stage of the process from the initial filing to the actual hearing before a judge. Jon is determined to provide you with personal and competent representation.

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Do you want help with an appeal of your social security or Oregon workers compensation claim?

Do you want someone to help you negotiate a fair settlement of your Oregon workers compensation claim?

No problem, Jon C. Correll, Attorney LLC is here to help. He has over three decades of experience. He can assist you in getting the benefits that you rightfully deserve. He will use his best efforts to make your case better for appeal or settlement. More importantly, Jon will explain the process to you, including the strength and weakness of your claim, so you can make decisions as a team about how best to resolve the claim.

Let Jon help you build your case either for a first-time filing or for an appeal. Call (541) 485-8858. Let’s discuss your case.

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No more feeling like a number - you're considered unique and special. Jon is experienced in handling cases just like yours.