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You May Be Entitled to Social Security Benefits Even if Your Claim Was Denied

If you have sustained a severe injury or have developed a chronic condition that prevents you from working, you might be concerned about how you will support your family, especially if you are the sole source of income. You might know that you need to file for disability but don’t know how to do it. Or maybe you have already filed a claim, and Social Security has denied it.

No matter what your needs are, it is always a good idea to contact an experienced Social Security Disability attorney to ensure that your claim is filed correctly to avoid payment delays.

I have more than thirty years of experience helping people just like you. If you live anywhere in Oregon and need help with your claim, call me today for a risk-free, no-obligation consultation.

Work with a Social Security Disability Lawyer That Cares

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security office has stringent rules about what makes you eligible for benefits. Typically, you must have worked a certain amount of time, met a minimum amount of income, and become seriously disabled and unable to work for an extended time. Social Security laws can be complicated and subject to change.That is why it is typically a good idea to enlist the help of a lawyer that specializes in these types of cases.

How the Process Works

If you have been injured and cannot perform your job anymore, it may be time to begin collecting disability. After you apply, the Social Security Administration will assign you a caseworker to help you gather the information you need to file a claim. Once you have everything you need, they will send your paperwork to Disability Determination Services (DDS). While this office is meant to help workers like you, they are stringent about denying coverage if they feel an applicant does not meet the criteria. This can be frustrating when you are truly unable to work, and it can leave you feeling powerless. When you hire an SSDI lawyer, you know that you have someone on your side who has your best interests in mind instead of the Social Security office’s best interests.

When to Call a Social Security Disability Attorney

If you believe you have a claim, the best time to call is before filing. The application process is complex, and Social Security denies a large percentage of SSDI claims. When you hire a Social Security disability lawyer, I can guide you through the process to ensure your case is filed correctly and that you have the best possible outcome. However, if you have already filed a claim and been denied, you don’t need to worry. I may still be able to help. There is no risk to calling since I only get paid if I am successful.

What to Do if Social Security Has Denied Your Claim

There are many reasons why Social Security may deny your claim, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible. It may be a clerical error, or Social security may need more information from you to determine eligibility. Don’t get discouraged. If you need a lawyer for a Social Security appeal, give me a call today.

How Much Does an SSDI Attorney Cost?

If you have been seriously injured or have developed a chronic condition that prevents you from working, you might be worried about the additional expense of a lawyer, but you shouldn’t be. I don’t get paid unless you win your appeal, so there is no risk involved.

Brock Owens
February 25, 2021

Working with Jon was a great experience. My case was complex..and i’ll admit, I gave him a run for his money😄..but he was very patient with me and understanding. Communication was always on point. Explained the process(es) very thoroughly..which I appreciate very much so. Always answered my calls and emails..Professionalism 10/10. He won my case for me too. I would absolutely work with Jon again!! Thanks again, for everything!!

Mark Wirth
June 2, 2020

Jon was instrumental in helping me gain my social security disability benefits. He is very proffesional and knowledgeable and will help guide you threw all the processes it takes to complete and get your claim. I am very thankful for all his help and highly recommend him to anyone thinking about filing for social security disability benefits. Thanks Jon.

Nathan Brakefield
February 4, 2017

Jon took my case after 2 other lawyers proved themselves incapable. Within 90 days my SSD was approved by a Judge. Never had a better Lawyer and I Highly recommend him.

How to Get Started with Our SSDI Lawyers

Step 3: File an Appeal

If Social Security has already denied your application, I can still help. I will walk you through the appeal process to ensure that Social Security has everything you need to file your claim correctly.

Step 4: Get the Money You Need to Care For Your Family

My top priority is helping our clients get the money they need to prevent undue financial hardship. If you have been denied Social Security and believe you meet the criteria, give me a call today to get started.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

I will go over the details of your injury or condition to determine whether it meets the criteria for disability. Then I will examine your work history and help you determine what your next steps should be.

Step 2: Build a Solid Case

If it is your first time filing, I will do everything in our power to ensure that Social Security handles applications correctly. My goal is to get it approved the first time so you can get the money you need fast.

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